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With an ownership group that has 80 plus years of experience in mining, oil and gas, and the construction trade we take pride in being able to complete projects on-time, in compliance, and as cost efficent as possible.
Blue Line Stream


To serve the mining, oil and gas, and construction fields we offer several services.


-Excavators from mini to mining size, also available with plate compactor

-Track dozers

-Track type skidsteer with broom, bucket, forks, trencher and root rake


  -Articulated with tailgates

  -4000 gallon water trucks

  -Tandem axle dump trucks

  -Single axle on highway dump trucks

  -Lowboy with drop deck or deck over trailers

  -Service and mechanics trucks

-Pumps from 2" to 6"


P&A Engineers


As our sister company P&A offers several services, which we utilize to provide a better service to our customers. We also do design-permit-build projects with P&A to make your project as cost efficent and painless as possible.


-Professional Engineers


-Professional land surveyors

-Survey crews

  -Underground mining

  -Surface crews

  -Construction stakeout

  -GPS or conventional

-CAD technicians


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